Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No more colds please!!!!

We are all FINALLY starting to feel better. Owen has the last of it, his nose is still runny but not even close to what it was. It has been about a month of everyone being sick on and off!

He doesn't look too bad does he??


I put the camera up after taking these and he threw a FIT!! Apparently he wasn't done posing for me, lol.

The last couple of weeks Owen seems to have grown so much. He figures things out so fast you that really have to watch what your doing in front of him. He has figured out how to take his tray off of his high chair so if we are not careful everything ends up on the floor. He can also climb into it himself!!

His latest obsession is Elmo. He doesn't really watch tv though, if he sees Elmo on tv he will point and scream until I say "yes, that's Elmo" then he goes back to playing. His favorite thing to do is read, which is pretty much all he wants to do all day, lol.


Anonymous said...

Those are the most adorable pictures!

Christina & Mike said...


candi said...

Can I have those in 4x6 prints pretty please what a sweetie