Friday, August 21, 2009

my cell phone pics!

i made a blog a while back so i would have a place to just have my cell phone pictures. i don't really write much on it but i think it is fun to have a spot just for my cell pics.

so here it is :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hello summer!

(notice the spaghetti stains on his mouth :)

it is just starting to feel like summer around here, better late than never i guess! owen has been running around naked the last couple of weeks, which i am sure has been entertaining the neighbors.

owen is starting to talk a lot more but he has that toddler language that no one seems to understand. when he says milk it sounds more like meat and he says it over and over again so he sounds like beaker from the muppets :)

he has also started potty learning, i am not really doing much he pretty much does it all by himself. last week while paying outside with jacob he took his diaper off and pooped in the yard!! oops!!

my photography business had doubled from last year so i have been keeping busy proofing lots of pics. i have had a few returning customers and even a couple weddings!! i am definitely not going to be advertising any more weddings until my kids are a bit older. i won't turn any down though :)

i wish the boys and i could have gotten out more this summer but not having a car makes it pretty difficult! sometimes i wonder how i stay so sane being stuck at home for the last 2 years. i guess i am just used to it by now. there is always someone else less fortunate than you, right?

speaking of potty learning! owen just walked by - potty chair in hand - saying "i pee, i pee".
i helped him flush it, now he is sitting on the big potty trying to go again :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At the park in Ann Arbor

"hey owen, could you get your hand out of your pants?"


he apparently thought that was a funny request!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm trying!!

i'm really trying to keep up with my blog - not working too good. i am just gonna post when i can. it is much easier to just post on flickr & update a bit on facebook.

we are moved in our new house :) it is so much nicer here!! jacob spent a couple days in the hospital last week, which was not fun at all!!! he had pain in his stomach that mimicked an appendicitis so they admitted him and did a bunch of tests. they said it was probably swollen lymph nodes from being sick. my dr said the same thing happened to her little boy and she was sure they were gonna have to take his appendix out but didn't have to. he is still sick, i am hoping it doesn't last much longer!

other than that i am keeping busy with work which is nice & is helping out around here a ton!! i am hoping to be able to get a car soon so i can work some more & get out of the house with the kids more often, it sucks being stuck here with 2 kids every day!!!

owen let me take tons of pics of him today :) he was in such a good mood and even got mad at me when i stopped :)


Jacob's new hair:


laughing at jacob's get well card from grandma kingsley:

my fav!!!! this one is going on the wall for sure :)


Friday, May 8, 2009


Jacob got some bubbles for Easter, the boys had so much fun playing with them!

Notice the blue rain boots? My Mom bought them for him, he is obsessed with them!! He seriously wants to wear them everywhere (and does) it is so cute :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots of updates!

I finally got some of Owen laughing! He is so serious when I pull out the camera, nice to see him laughing. I was telling him that I was gonna kiss his cheeks :)

I got new glasses :) They give me a huge headache because I need then adjusted again. I mostly wear my contacts anyway, it is hard to take pics with glasses - they get in the way.

new glasses :)

I also got some cute pics of the boys playing.

Owen had a playdate with my friend Katie's daughter. It was soooo funny! Owen was so freaked out. At first he was upset about her playing with his toys but when I told him that she wasn't going to take them home he was fine. He mostly sat on my lap the whole time and didn't smile once. We need to do this more often!!!

Aren't they cute in the glasses?

audrey and owen

We knew after being in this house through the winter that we would not be able to stay, we just couldn't afford $500/month in heat even when we kept it on 61. Pus our landlord still hasn't put screens in the windows that are without. We are not gonna keep asking because our lease is up in June and we want out with a good recommendation and we have a feeling he won't give us one if we keep bugging him.

Yesterday we found a great house in Grand Blanc (city that I grew up) It would be close to my mom and Mike's parents which is what we really want :) I have a feeling we may not get it though, she had a TON of applicants. We are keeping our fingers crossed and will hopefully know by the end of the week.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

pics from the week.

i take a TON of pictures but i don't put them all up so i was thinking i would just start making collages from the week. so here are some of my fav's from the last week.

pics from the week

want to see it LARGER?

if you look at it on flickr you can see my notes