Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm trying!!

i'm really trying to keep up with my blog - not working too good. i am just gonna post when i can. it is much easier to just post on flickr & update a bit on facebook.

we are moved in our new house :) it is so much nicer here!! jacob spent a couple days in the hospital last week, which was not fun at all!!! he had pain in his stomach that mimicked an appendicitis so they admitted him and did a bunch of tests. they said it was probably swollen lymph nodes from being sick. my dr said the same thing happened to her little boy and she was sure they were gonna have to take his appendix out but didn't have to. he is still sick, i am hoping it doesn't last much longer!

other than that i am keeping busy with work which is nice & is helping out around here a ton!! i am hoping to be able to get a car soon so i can work some more & get out of the house with the kids more often, it sucks being stuck here with 2 kids every day!!!

owen let me take tons of pics of him today :) he was in such a good mood and even got mad at me when i stopped :)


Jacob's new hair:


laughing at jacob's get well card from grandma kingsley:

my fav!!!! this one is going on the wall for sure :)


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