Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hello summer!

(notice the spaghetti stains on his mouth :)

it is just starting to feel like summer around here, better late than never i guess! owen has been running around naked the last couple of weeks, which i am sure has been entertaining the neighbors.

owen is starting to talk a lot more but he has that toddler language that no one seems to understand. when he says milk it sounds more like meat and he says it over and over again so he sounds like beaker from the muppets :)

he has also started potty learning, i am not really doing much he pretty much does it all by himself. last week while paying outside with jacob he took his diaper off and pooped in the yard!! oops!!

my photography business had doubled from last year so i have been keeping busy proofing lots of pics. i have had a few returning customers and even a couple weddings!! i am definitely not going to be advertising any more weddings until my kids are a bit older. i won't turn any down though :)

i wish the boys and i could have gotten out more this summer but not having a car makes it pretty difficult! sometimes i wonder how i stay so sane being stuck at home for the last 2 years. i guess i am just used to it by now. there is always someone else less fortunate than you, right?

speaking of potty learning! owen just walked by - potty chair in hand - saying "i pee, i pee".
i helped him flush it, now he is sitting on the big potty trying to go again :)

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