Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots of updates!

I finally got some of Owen laughing! He is so serious when I pull out the camera, nice to see him laughing. I was telling him that I was gonna kiss his cheeks :)

I got new glasses :) They give me a huge headache because I need then adjusted again. I mostly wear my contacts anyway, it is hard to take pics with glasses - they get in the way.

new glasses :)

I also got some cute pics of the boys playing.

Owen had a playdate with my friend Katie's daughter. It was soooo funny! Owen was so freaked out. At first he was upset about her playing with his toys but when I told him that she wasn't going to take them home he was fine. He mostly sat on my lap the whole time and didn't smile once. We need to do this more often!!!

Aren't they cute in the glasses?

audrey and owen

We knew after being in this house through the winter that we would not be able to stay, we just couldn't afford $500/month in heat even when we kept it on 61. Pus our landlord still hasn't put screens in the windows that are without. We are not gonna keep asking because our lease is up in June and we want out with a good recommendation and we have a feeling he won't give us one if we keep bugging him.

Yesterday we found a great house in Grand Blanc (city that I grew up) It would be close to my mom and Mike's parents which is what we really want :) I have a feeling we may not get it though, she had a TON of applicants. We are keeping our fingers crossed and will hopefully know by the end of the week.

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