Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weeekend Update!

Saturday we went to Somerset Mall to waste some time a bit before driving through Rochester to see all of the lights downtown. All of the buildings are lined from the roof to the sidewalk with lights. We actually got out in the freezing cold snow and wind and walked around to see Santa. Owen didn't want anything to do with him so we ended up getting a family picture taken (sorry but *gag*). After we left I told Mike I didn't really want our picture taken with Santa and he said neither did he but the lady was so persistent! It was basically a nice waste of $10.00, lol. Jacob was so excited about walking around because of the change that he could have his picture taken with some awesome bokeh. If you don't know what that is it's the blur in the background from a wide aperture lens (low f stop). You can see in the crappy pictures below when you have lights it makes them blur really big & he thinks it is the coolest!!

Sunday we went to Great lakes Crossing to get Owen's hair cut. I figured knowing him Carnival Cuts would be the only place he would sit for. I was right but they did the worst job ever!! I had to do some trimming myself becasue they hardly touched the front & I didn't want her to do anymore so I didn't say anything. usually I cut everyone's hair myself but lately it has been too hectic. Lesson learned, lol!!

He still looks cute though!!
It doesn't look as bad as this pic shows - this was taken in the morning so he has a bit of bed head!

Mike says he likes it longer and I think I agree. We may have to grow it out again.

We also went to Bronners because we live so close to it now. Jacob took a ton of pictures and as soon as I can get them all resized (they were taken in RAW - oops) I will post them.

He did such a great job!! He is learning so much about photography, I hope it can be a hobby for him!! He actually told me he doesn't want any gifts for his birthday he wants me to give him photography lessons.

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candi said...

Sounds like a great family weekend.. can't wait to see the pics jacob took... and I want to see the family santa picture.
gag or not!!! owen looks like he is 3 I like the haircut.