Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my other bad blogger excuse!

owen is not the only reason i haven't been blogging.

i'm pregnant!!!!

i have been sooo tired the last few weeks!! we just told all of the parents and grandparents last night and today so i can finally write about it here :). i am 9 weeks and my edd is sep.2.

it is so funny the difference in the reactions of people this time compared to owen. people kept asking if this was planned. i do remember making it known that we wanted 1 more and we wanted them to be around 2 years apart so yea this was planned, lol!!

anyway my pregnancy is going really well. my last 2 pregnancy's i had horrible morning sickness. with owen i couldn't even leave the house. this time hardly anything. i wish all of my pregnancy's were like this!!

we found a new midwife. i liked the other one i had with owen but we just didn't click so i found someone else. she is really nice :)

hopefully owen will let me blog more & i will have the energy to do so!

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paxye said...


I am doing it the opposite way from you lol... mine are all 2 years apart but for the next we want to wait a few years...

Colin was born Sept 2nd btw :)