Saturday, December 20, 2008


let me tell you about our weekend so far!!!

mike came to bed thursday night wondering why he couldn't get the pilot light to stay lit, it was about 2am and i was already asleep. i woke up with owen practically laying on top of me freezing to death at about 5:00am, i checked the tv to see if jacob had a snow day because of all of the snow we were supposed to get. he had no school so i turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. owen woke me up around six and it was about 50 degrees in here!!!! i told mike i thought the pig was empty - he didn't believe me since we just had it filled a month ago. so at 6am and what seemed like a blizzard and 5 feet of snow me and my step stool (because i am 5 feet tall and can't see the gauge on the pig) trucked outside to check it. YUP! it was empty!!! we called the propane company and they couldn't get here until the next day - even though we had no gas! we decided to go to my mom's to figure out what to do. mike took a nap and i watched the kiddo's for a couple hours until i couldn't take it anymore (my mom is doing some remodeling so it isn't a very easy place to watch owen - who isn't too easy to begin with). we decided to use our marriot points and stayed in a hotel (for free - whew). my mom watched owen while we went back home to get our stuff and got stuck about 10 feet into the driveway. we have a pretty long driveway & had to walk up to the house in a million (maybe a little dramatic) feet of snow, my pants were wet all the way up to my knees. we went back to my mom's picked up the kids, checked into the hotel, got dinner, swam in the pool and went to bed. that brings us to today. in fear they wouldn't deliver the propane with our driveway not plowed we franticly found someone to plow it, hurried up and packed our stuff at the hotel to get there to pay him and the propane had already came and left a note saying it needed to be plowed. we called and told them that is was now plowed but they told up they couldn't come back until monday. mike got on the phone and apparently was the right amount of rude because he called an hour later and they filled it. now he is at the store right now buying a new thermocouple because we can't get the pilot light lit on the water heater.

could it get any worse?? on top of everything we turned the heater on around 2 and it is 6:30 right now and it is only 61 degrees in here. it was a pretty big shock to find out that the pig only lasts a month and that it costs almost $500. i thought the heat bill being $300 at our last place was a lot. this is just not a good thing to happen so close to christmas - we just really don't have the money for all of it.

hopefully this post isn't just one long run on sentence with hundreds of spelling mistakes because i am too tired, too cold and too annoyed to check it.

i will update as soon as things settle down.

thanks for listening!!!

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