Monday, February 23, 2009

on the potty.

using the potty

he may be mad at me for this pic someday :) well, maybe just when i show it to his girlfriends ;). he is pretty good with using the potty. the bad part is he wants to be naked all day and we keep it around 64 degrees in here to save money. he doesn't seem to mind though. he is pretty funny though because he will be naked & put his babylegs on his arms and wear them like that all day, i should try and get a pic of that!

this pic was taken the day we had the really nice weather. he thought putting his hand in the water was so funny!


we are all doing good here. jacob was pretty upset about the miscarriage, he cried a few times and wanted to make sure we were gonna try again :) the other unfortunate thing is him step mom was also pregnant - same number of weeks as me and had a miscarriage on the same day as me. weird huh? it sucked having to tell jacob that after what he just went through with us but he handled it pretty good. life's little (or big) curveballs i guess.

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