Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have been very busy trying to get everything done for my business before it gets warm and i start doing sessions again. i am so eager to get back to work but it scares me at the same time. being a work at home mom is so hard!! i never imagined it to be like this. i am going to have to work really hard at managing my time. the last few weeks i have been working non-stop. i feel like i have turned into a workaholic and that is kind of a scary thing because i don't want to miss anything with my kids growing up. i am thinking next year owen will start pre-school so that will help out too. we really need the money right now too. we rented this house to save some so i could do this and not worry too much about it but we are moving this summer and want to be able to afford a better house. i am grateful that i finally found something that i can do at home and be my own boss at something that i have passion for. i have been searching for something like this for a while. i am also grateful for such an amazing and supportive husband, he believes in me more than i believe in myself sometimes :)


we are going to see my grandma this weekend. she wasn't doing to good yesterday. she has had a lot of nausea and hasn't ate in a week, she also started running a temp. when i talked to her yesterday she was hallucinating again. they did a urinalysis on her and the doctor said that her kidney's weren't working very well. i was pretty worried last night after i spoke to her and then to my dad and didn't sleep very well. they said they were gonna put her on a medication for her kidney and it should help. they actually said she may be coming home the end of next week. there is a possibility she might have to stay in a nursing home for a short time but they didn't know yet.

i have new pics on my photography blog up. i am gonna keep these 2 blogs separate so you will have to check that one also if you want to see my sessions. i also update flickr more than i do here so you can always check that for new pics.

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