Thursday, March 19, 2009

jacob's hair...

he is growing it out. again.


it is such a mess right now and i think i have to give him a bit of a trim. i'm not gonna make his stop growing it out but his last hair cut was a strange one and it isn't growing out very well. he also does this thing where he flips it like he is in a shampoo commercial and it drives us crazy, lol. he is 10 going on 16,sigh...

my grandma is doing good. she has been moved out of intensive care as of a couple days ago. i thought she was moved before because they put her in a different hospital but apparently not. she will be in there for at least another 3 weeks which can't be fun for her. i really wish we were closer. on my dad's side of the family it is just me, my half sister and my dad. hopefully someday she will move closer. the only thing stopping her is the economy, she would never be able to sell her house.

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