Thursday, March 12, 2009

i need more hours.

my grandma'a cat.

our life has just been so busy and chaotic lately i can't believe i have been able to get everything i have done. my house is suffering because of it to the point of embarrassment. we usually play catch up on the weekends (a lot more gets done with both of us here, i'm sure everyone with little one's know that) but lately our weekends have been filled. the miscarriage has taken a toll on my body and for some reason i am still suffering from complications from it. if i take it easy i have no problems but all this running around is not making it go away. i did go to the er last week because i called my midwife and my dr and they said to go. i didn't need a d&c but was told i may have to go on some medication to stop the bleeding, it has been over 3 wks.

we went to see my grandma yesterday and within about 30minutes i was holding back tears. she was hallucinating really bad. this was the fist day she had started hallucinating so we had no warning and i was pretty freaked out. she said she saw me at my house and knew that i let the cat out and she didn't know what i did with her china cabinet. she said she called me and left me a message and she could hear the boys playing in the background (my dad said she called her house for left a message for me). she kept going in and out of it, one minute she knew that her hallucinations weren't real and then the next minute she was telling me that i could have some of the doughnuts and angel food cake from her drawer. i did talk to the nurse and let her know that that isn't what she is like and she was happy i told her. my dad ended up calling the nurse later because he was concerned too. he talked to them this morning and they said it could be a few things but her hemoglobin is low and she may need more blood. they also said she may have an infection that they haven't caught yet. we are going back to see her on saturday. i am sure we will be going there at least every weekend for a while.

on top of this i am getting ready to start working again. i really need this to be my last year of portfolio building (that shouldn't be a problem). i knew that is was going to be a lot of work but every second i get i am getting ready for it. i have so many forms and contracts to get ready, i need to re-do my price sheet, design my business cards, add a session guide to my web site. i could go on and on. i am lucky to be able to do what i love, i just need to manage my time better, with all of this going on it isn't easy.

i also need to get down to the courts to file the adoption papers and make an appointment to get new lenses for my glasses (it has been well over 2year). sigh. 1 step at a time.

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