Friday, March 6, 2009

yipeeeee - a pic of jacob!

look - he let me take his picture!! actually he doesn't mind me taking his pic anymore he just seems to have problems not talking while i am taking his pics.

yay! it's jacob!!

i FINALLY have a website for my business :) it will be ready in about a week - give or take - depending on how much time the kids will give me to work on it, lol.

jacob's dad has decided to sign over custody still, i honestly think that he doesn't have a choice because they are not doing good financially right now. i felt bad after talking to him again about the name change and thought about not changing it. looking into i found out that when he signs over his parental rights and mike adopts him he will get a new birth certificate so we really don't have a choice.

jacob is completely fine with everything. i was really honest with him and told him about child suport (before now he didn't even know what it was) and that rob didn't have a lot of money etc. he understands as well as he can. the only thing that upset him was that he would have to learn how to spell kingsley, lol. after i told him he should learn it anyway because it is my name he wasn't annoyed anymore.

as much as i want mike to adopt jacob this is pretty hard to deal with, that jacob will actually have a new birth certificate without rob's name is weird. i know that i will have peace of mind after this though. rob has a very bad past and it scares me constantly that he is going to start drinking or doing drugs again. it will also make me feel better if i know that mike will have jacob if anything happens to me, rob is also ok with that.

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